How it works



My name is Brandin and I am the owner and artist at Crane & Co. Studio, LLC. Following my years as a tattoo apprentice and becoming a licensed tattoo artist, I pursued my dream of opening my own tattoo studio where I am able to take my passion for creativity and use it to transform my clients visions into an art form they can enjoy for a lifetime. Everyday I strive to create a comfortable environment for each appointment to have a top of the line tattoo experience and am always looking for ways to further enhance what I can do as their trusted artist. That is when I decided I wanted to take my service to the next level by offering each client a premium, all natural aftercare to heal their tattoos and maintain the healthiness of the skin to preserve the image for years to follow. A product that can be beneficial not only for tattoos, but also for all PMU and SMP procedures as well. With this idea in mind, I combined expertise with my wife Tatiana, a passionate pharmacist who is dedicated to providing exceptional patient care. Together, we created a multi purpose collagen infused aftercare balm that we believe you will love to use as much as we do - Bevive Collagen Infused Aftercare.